Our Almighty Father in Heaven has presented us with an invitation. You may ask, “Really? Is that true?” Oh yes! He has! “Come! All you who are thirsty.” Spiritual thirst is primary. Jesus similarly invited people to drink the spiritual water of life He invites us to come and buy “wine” and “milk” without money.

“Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labour on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me and eat what is good and yours soul will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; hear me that your soul may live.”

The Psalmist remembers all the good things that God had done for him and worships Him and praises Him for the blessings received. Paul reminded the believers in Corinth of the history of the Israelites: God had provided escape, protection, shelter, sustenance, and water for the whole nation, before they entered the Promised Land. But, forgetting God’s goodness, some became idolaters; people feasted and rose up to revel.

Of those who committed fornication – twenty thousand died in one day. Those who put the power of the Lord to the test – were destroyed by serpents. Those who grumbled against God – were destroyed by the Destroyer. These things were recorded for our benefit as a warning. Upon us the fulfilment of ages has come. If you feel sure that you are standing firm, beware! You may fail. So far you have faced no trial beyond what man can bear. God keeps faith, and he will not allow you to be tested above your powers, but when the test comes he will at the same time provide a way out, by enabling you to sustain it. Jesus spoke candidly to the Jews who were persistently harassing him and annoying him;

‘If you believed Moses, you should believe me, because he wrote about me.‘ (John 5:46) (See also Genesis 49:10, Numbers 24:17, Deuteronomy.18:15, Luke 24:25-27,44) Thank you, Jesus, for inviting us. Let us drink the Living Water that you offer to us and eat that which is more than just bread for our souls. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and Almighty God.