Without the resurrection our faith is futile

Hi Folks

We’ve just come through Easter which is a time of reflection on Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. We celebrate His resurrection because this is the central point of the Gospel. Without the resurrection our faith is futile.

Yet for each one of us there comes a time when the celebration, the ritual, the religion needs to become a personal decision. You see today’s reading present us with the Resurrected Jesus, God Incarnate, the Holy One. John says “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name (John 20:31). The question is: do we? Do you search your heart and say: “based on the evidence presented to me, I choose to believe the Resurrection account?”

I remember my conversion experience so clearly, I was 16 and believed I was a Christian. I ended up having a discussion with a youth leader on a confirmation camp and she didn’t say anything new but at that moment I just realised that Jesus is real and that I, for myself, need to make a decision to either follow Him or reject Him.

I chose to follow Him, badly at times, but I’ve nailed my colours to the mask so to speak. For each one of us the Gospel has been presented, and the readings for today again lay before us the truth of the Gospel. Not just some book, but people like Peter who are witnesses to the Resurrection (Acts 5:32). Each one of us needs to make a personal decision: Do I follow Jesus or not? Sometimes we need to make this decision over and over again as life knocks us about or temptation draws us away.

So today, having read and heard the things written in order for you to believe, what is your decision?

Be blessed Harry