Without God where would we be?


We have started down a road that will take us to the cross. It is a journey we take together and journey each makes alone. During this period of Lent, we experience and notice things on the way, we experience uneven ground, the mercy of shade and the faithfulness of those who walk with us

Lent reminds us that we exist because God made us, we are here because Jesus calls us, and we are together because the Spirit binds us to each other.

Without God where would we be?

Lent is a special time of prayer, fasting, penance, sacrifice and good works in preparation of Easter. What is significant is number “40”.

Of course the number “40”has always had a special spiritual meaning regarding preparation. On Mount Sinai, preparing to receive the Ten Commandments, Moses stayed there for forty days, and forty nights. Elijah walked “40”days and 40 nights to the mountain of Horeb and most importantly Jesus fasted and prayed for “40” days and “40” nights in the desert.

Our challenge during this period is to remember that we are no longer our own. God’s grace does not come cheap, the price was suffering, sorrow and blood.

In words of Isaiah “He was despised and rejected by men , a man of sorrows and familiar with sorrows” 53 :3. My prayer is that we offer ourselves and follow Christ in all circumstances


Rev. Peter Mosia