Why did Jesus perform miracles?

Why did Jesus perform miracles? Was it to show off, or to somehow prove that he was better than us? Obviously not. But even if you ask non-believers about the miracles of Jesus they’ll be able to tell you that he walked on water, or that he changed water into wine. His miracles are fabulous expressions of what He can do for us – but there’s a problem in this because the miracles then simply tell us about what he is able to do for us – turning Jesus into our personal ‘ATM’ whenever we encounter challenges in life.

Miracles should not only point us to what he can DO for us, but rather they point us to who He IS for us – they point to the person of Christ, God Incarnate.

This week our scriptural focus will be on one of only two miracles shared by all four Gospel writers as we indulge in the magnificence of scripture…”

God bless
Mike Andrew