When Life becomes too much of a Challenge

How strong is your faith? People are often so very despondent when life becomes difficult. Family relationships change and subsequently
any plans and dreams for the future change. Work circumstances may change and become uncomfortable. Is this not the time when we need to earnestly ask God for Wisdom?

Facing any kind of a trial or difficult circumstance in life will test one’s faith. How strong are we to hold on to the faith that we know we have?
If we do persevere with this little bit of faith which we DO have, we will experience fortitude \ diligence \ perseverance and ultimately satisfaction.

Our God is a generous giver who will not refuse anyone or reproach anyone. Know the goodness of God. Ask for that which you
need without a doubt in your mind! Sometimes, it is easier to turn onto a path which one may consider more enjoyable for oneself than to persevere with the difficulties of life.

It may be easier to open the medicine cupboard. It may be easier to slip into the pub on the way home. It may be easier to be absent from
the meetings with the boss or the family. It may be easier to abscond from the duties which we know we rightfully ought to be doing.
Temptation arises only when one is lured away from the correct path of life, by one’s own desires. This is dangerous territory for it can lead
to sin. Full-blown sin leads to death. We cannot “play” with these truths. Our Father in heaven is the Father of Lights. In Him there is no shadow of changing. He has set the truth and will not veer from it.

Through His great Grace, God has given us an opportunity for new life. We have the opportunity for rebirth. We have the opportunity to
change our sinful or immoral ways. God want us to worship him alone. He wants us to acknowledge Him in all that we undertake to do. We are to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We are to have an open heart before Him, to bring to Him our problems and our difficulties. We have the opportunity to be a part of His kingdom forever and forever.