What do the words, “Follow Me” mean to you?

Hi Folk!

What do the words, “Follow Me” mean to you?

  • To Moses, it was a commitment to lead Gods people where God took him.
  • To Noah, it was building an “Ark” amongst rebuke and ridicule from those around him.
  • To Jonah, it was finally submitting in the bowls of a large fish.
  • To Joseph, it was an assurance that God would never leave him, no matter what happened.
  • To Samuel, it was a definite “Here I am; you called me.”
  • To David, it was an unconditional desire to follow and do Gods will.
  • To John the Baptist, it was standing in the desert, proclaiming and waiting for the Promised one.
  • To Phillip, it was a desire to follow and tell all he could about Jesus.
  • To the 12 disciples it was the sweet, sweet words Jesus spoke to them when He called them to follow him.

To each one of us they are the special words Jesus utters to each of us daily as he seeks us to follow Him in all we are and in all we do.

Are you following? Do you want to follow? Will you follow?

“Follow me”, “Follow me”, “Follow me”!