What are you thinking about?

My message this morning is somewhat strange but true in our lives. The theme of my message is “What are you thinking about”. I came about a wise saying and it said: “You are where your thoughts are.” And it is so true of us, most of the time, when we are awake, a person gets so involved in our own thoughts, especially when you do not have any control over them you seem lost in another world. You get lost in your own thought pattern which makes you feel apart from what is happening around you. Our good thoughts make our surroundings feel good and beautiful and bad thoughts make them ugly. When thinking about all kinds of thoughts, including the most disturbing and undesirable thoughts in our minds, this allows our minds to become cloudy and not where it should be.

Just a few steps for us to stay focused on God and not allow our thoughts to run away with us.

  • Start the day with God
  • Do not depend on yourself
  • Cry out to God in prayer
  • Put God first in your life
  • Check yourself out with God’s word
  • Remove sin from your life
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit

So to put it clearly we need to start the day off with God not depending on ourselves. We need to cry out to God putting him first in your lives, checking to see where you fit into the picture with God, by reading and talking to him. Remove the things that stand in your way in having a better relationship with God. And lastly listen to the Holy Spirit who will remind you of Gods great love for all mankind and will always lead you and protect you in the days to come.

You’re Brother in Christ

Wayne White