Welcome Confirmands

Good Day Everyone,

Today marks a special day in the Welties community, as we continue with the celebrations of welcoming new members into our community a few weeks ago by welcoming in seven new members from the Youth who have chosen to Confirm their faith today.

It is an exciting step for these Confirmands as today is the day they step forward, profess their faith in Christ and do so in a manner that allows for the entire Welties community to step into this profession with them.

Today not only celebrates seven Confirmands but also celebrates the Baptism of two of these confirmands. It is a day that allows for these beautiful moments in each of the Confirmands’ lives but also a beautiful day for the Welties community as we all respond by promising to hold up these Confirmands and do what we can to ensure this community exists to offer the best spiritual home they could experience. Today is not just a day for the Confirmands but for our community as a whole, let us join together in celebrating every aspect of today.

Confirmands, I am not sure if you are reading this but know that I am so super proud to see you all take this step today but even prouder of the beautiful young men and women that you are. You are going to achieve so much and I can only see your walk with Christ growing in leaps and bounds from here on out. I love you guys so much.

God Bless Devan