Upside down Kingdom

Has anyone told you about the Upside Down Kingdom? Over and over again we see things getting turned around, turned backwards, and turned upside down. Jesus said that in his kingdom the first will be last and the last will be first (Matt. 20:16).  The Upside down kingdom people are unselfish, they sacrifice and they give more and expect nothing in return. Jesus is an example of what it means to be in the Upside down kingdom. He took the towel and basin which were the tools of a slave and washed his disciple’s feet.

One of the principles of Upside down Kingdom is to be humble and powerless. Jesus wasn’t a typical King. He didn’t bark orders to his generals nor threaten his subjects. He didn’t command a religious or political dynasty. On the organizational charts, he was powerless. According to Paul , Jesus was equal to God and then emptied himself and made himself nothing , taking a very nature of a servant (Phil. 2:611).

Are you struggling with issues of power? Do you feel you are at the bottom while others are Up? In the Upside down kingdom we use power to empower others. Things that make a person important in our world become unimportant in the Upside Down Kingdom.

Follow Jesus’ footsteps…..

Rev. P. Mosia