Transfiguration Sunday

Good Day Everyone,

This coming week marks the beginning of our journey, with Christ, towards the Cross. Amidst our preparation for lent we are reminded, today, of Christ’s Transfiguration; of the day He was transformed to appear even more beautiful and eloquent and truly show, outwardly, the Glory He had always held as the Son of God.

Seeing Jesus transfigured, days after Peter had confessed that Jesus is the Messiah, and seeing Moses and Elijah appear alongside Him caused Peter to respond and offer to erect tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. I can imagine that if the disciples had brought tents up the mountain they would have brought them for themselves and Jesus but, if that were the case, they were willing to sacrifice their tents for something greater than themselves.

What are the ‘tents’ that we need to sacrifice this lent that offer up the space for God to move into our lives and live there? Where are the areas in our lives that we need to give up comfort for a greater experience of God?

God Bless