Time for Reality Check

A reality is a kind of pause in the middle of thing, where we ask question. Is this real? Is this happening? Can this be done? A reality check is momentary halt, allowing us to get a grip on whether what we are doing is real or just fantasy. In scripture, the woman had an issue of blood realized that her situation is real and she needs to seek the real help to change her life. The three things about reality is that –

Reality of Purpose:
God desires to accomplish His purpose through our lives.

Reality of Pressure:
God allows pressure in our lives in order to reveal His power through us. Gethesmane – olive press releases the beneficial oil. In same fashion pressure applied to us is meant to release the life of Christ through us.

Reality of Presence:
No matter where He sends us, He has already gone there.

However in South Africa the reality is that women are killed, abused, raped and human trafficking has increased. The reality is that they are defenseless and so far the society is quiet. My prayer is that as Christians we pray real prayers that will speak to real issues, for real deliverance and grace from God.

Let’s us be real, because in time like this the world need real Christians to give them direction through Jesus Christ.

Soli De Gloria

Rev. P. Mosia