The Unpredictable Impact of Christ

Mark 1: 21-28

Today I would like you to accompany me to a little town called Capernaum which was Jesus’ adopted home. Capernaum means “a village of comfort” and it is so appropriate because it welcomed Jesus when he was rejected in his hometown Nazareth. We see Jesus launching his campaign in this village of comfort in a synagogue. How many churches today are in a place of comfort and need Jesus to show up and bring a ‘comforting’ authority?

Why a synagogue?

Synagogue was primarily a teaching institution. The service consisted of only 3 things – prayer, the reading of God word and the exposition of it. Synagogue was a place of teaching and instruction. It provided an opportunity to deliver such a message.

What is happening in the synagogue?

Jesus teaches with authority. His was a different kind of authority. For Jesus authority is not domination or ‘power over.’ Nor is it manipulation or ‘power under.’ No, for Jesus authority is collaboration or ‘power with.’ It is an authority derived from

God’s reign hence people were amazed. V.22

They were amazed because of the following:

1. His teachings were liberating “Just then a man who was possessed with evil spirit cried out” v.23 2. His authority brought healing “Jesus healed many who had various diseases” v.34

3. His authority brought forgiveness

4. His authority brought change and freshness Are people so rigid in their thinking that they are not open to new ideas? “What is this? A new teaching…?” v 27

5.His authority brought fame “News about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee” v28

One of the reasons Jesus made such an impact on people is that he practiced what he preached. When he proclaimed that God’s Reign was available and accessible, he showed it to be true by his actions. When he embraced the leper, healed the sick and cast out demons, Jesus was showing that a new reality really was being manifest in the world. Jesus was a man of integrity. What Jesus taught and how he lived were in complete alignment, and this meant that his message had authority. May your desires be aligned to God’s desires.

Where are you called to exercise authority?

Blessings Vuyelwa