The Second Sunday of Lent

Hi Folk

This is the Second Sunday in Lent. As we journey through Lent and towards the Cross I am constantly reminded that the Cross was not something that Jesus looked forward to. In fact we know that the night before His crucifixion He pleaded with God that if there might be another way that this cup would be taken from Him.

For me, there have been times when I’ve asked God to remove the cup from me. Sometimes He has said yes, most times He has said no. It’s really difficult to keep walking towards a destination that we don’t want and would rather avoid. Abraham must have had a similar dilemma. I mean, he must have been quite comfortable living with his family and then God tells him to pack up and go where God will show him. Yet both Abraham and Jesus remained obedient to God’s call on their lives and as a result many people were blessed, including us!

So maybe God isn’t calling you to a new land or to a cross, but calling you He is. It may be that He is calling you into a new ministry, or, and this is usually the hardest call – maybe He is calling you to remain faithful and bear fruit where you are.

No matter where God is calling you, no matter the road you are traveling be reminded this Lent that God is with you. Jesus has promised never to leave or forsake us. So use this Lenten time to draw closer to God, to build your intimacy with God and to get to know God more deeply. As you do, you will learn to trust Him more, love Him more deeply and surrender to Him more fully.

This is what Lent is all about, taking our eyes off ourselves and fixing them on Jesus.
Be blessed