The importance of Prayer?

Prayer is talking with God. We pray when we open our heart to theAlmighty. As simple as this is, it is also something people need to hear. Too many people feel that prayer is a certain sound, rich in theological terminology very often spoken very loudly.

Others feel prayer is something that takes place in a certain place or with a certain posture. But none of those things are requirements for true prayer. In fact, you can sound holy and not be doing anything other than talking to yourself.

There are several good reasons to pray.

  • Prayer is a privilege purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. Christ died for this end, it cost him the shedding of his blood, so that we, through him, might have entrance to the throne of grace.
  • Prayer is a deterrent to sin in our lives. In the quiet times of private, honest prayer God exposes the rationalizations and the excuses that we use to cater to sin. In prayer God holds a mirror up to our lives so we can see the way we really are… and repent.
  • Prayer makes a difference. I can’t tell you how it “works”… but I know that circumstances change when people pray. Diseases are sometimes healed, strength is imparted,
    guidance is given, hearts are softened, needs are met.

Remember that ‘True’ prayer is honest, humble and personal.