The Faith-Filled Women

Greeting in the Powerful Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

August has been set aside as Women’s month and as we will be exploring the Women of the Bible It is my great pleasure to share with you today looking specifically on Martha “ the faith filled women” an active women who seemed never at a loss for words. Women who waited in vain for Jesus to return in time to heal her brother Lazarus and her joy was to watch as Jesus restored her brother to life.

Yes, in life there are moments of waiting. There are moments of fear where we find ourselves in a mixture of strength and weakness, light and shadow but it is in those moments where God simply wants us to come forward, to step out of the shadow and into His light.

My prayer for you this week: “May God meet you where you are and may your life be filled with faith”


Rev. Siphiwe “Phindi” Mabinyane