The Body of Christ.

Hi everyone

The Body of Christ.

This is an idea that many of us have heard being preached on often. The eye cannot do the function of the ear, the foot of the hand or the mouth of the nose. This has become one we understand of us each having a role in the role in the church and that we should not compare our role to others’ because they are a different part of the body/church.

The idea of comparison is one that is vital to this passage; don’t look at another person’s skills and compare yourself, because you have your own role to perform. How many times have we stood back and asked ourselves or even asked God what our role actually is? Are we so focused on not comparing ourselves to others that we don’t actually know if we are the ear or the nose?

Our roles are each different but being the Body of Christ does not mean that our role is specifically one we need to fulfill within Welties Methodist specifically. You may be a part of the body that exists and functions outside of the church for the benefit of God’s Kingdom. You may be a part of the body that functions outside of view from others. Whatever and wherever your function is, it is vital to the Body of Christ and Jesus’ mission in the world.

Are you aware of what role it is that you play? If not, is now not the perfect time to begin to figure that out?

The first step to figuring this out lies in Matthew 6:33. God is eager to walk alongside you in this adventure, so join Him in finding your role.

God Bless