Sermon Audits

Calvary greetings

Two years back while I was still at the Seminary, I had an opportunity to “audit “Hebrew classes at University of Kwazulu Natal. When you audit the class, you can go and sit and get information but there are no outside requirements.

You don’t have to take any tests. You get the information but you don’t have the burden of the class.
It is interesting to realize that some Christians come to Church on Sunday mornings to audit the sermon. They go to
class, have a textbook in hand, sit in their seat and listen to the professor.

They don’t want to do any homework, they don’t want to pass any tests that God sends their way to check their understanding.

Friends, as long as we continue to “audit” God and things of God, there will be no graduation ceremony, there will be no passing grades, and there will be no divine recognition.

Let’s do something about the calling we received from God and be a blessing to others.

Rev. P. Mosia