Hi Folk

Today’s readings are all about reconciliation. We see the reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers after what can only be described as horrific behaviour by Joseph’s brothers who initially wanted to kill him but then decided to sell him into slavery.

We see how Joseph was able to forgive his brothers and be reconciled to his family. How was Joseph able to do this? I think it was because he kept his eyes on God’s plans for, not only his life, but the entire nation. When we know that we swerve a God who is always bringing about good out of the bad we are able to forgive others more easily. When we serve a God who is always drawing us back into relationship with Himself we are more able to draw others into relationship with ourselves. When we know that we serve a God of reconciliation we are more able to bring about reconciliation with others.

So if there is an area in your life where reconciliation needs to happen, maybe between you and God, maybe between you and someone else or even between yourself because you have let yourself down, may I encourage you today to turn to the God of reconciliation and allow Him to bring about reconciliation in those needed places and relationships.

Be blessed as you serve the God of reconciliation.