Payback Time

Calvary greetings friends

It is yet another time where all Methodists meet for annual Conference at Limpopo district, from 21-25 September 2016.

One is reminded that we meet during the difficult times that calls for strong response. The practical reality is that we live in a world of payback and revenge. We live in a world where we wound each other deeply. We operate under a system of calculated paybacks to avenge the wrongdoing.

Payback is an attitude that prolongs the vicious cycle of hurtleading to hurt, leading to hurt. Genesis 50:15 “When Joseph’s brothers saw that their father is dead, they said ‘what if Joseph holds a grudge against us and pays us back for all the wrongs we did to him?’

However, Joseph had to avoid bitterness and learn to forgive. He had been repeatedly hurt, but he didn’t develop a trace of bitterness.

Our response as a church, in our families, in our communities and those who holds public office and decide the fate of others, is to ask a question that Joseph asked his brothers. “Am I in the place of God”?

Though we live in a “payback” world that seek vengeance, there is only one God. One judge of us all. One redeemer of human race.

Rev. P. Mosia