Palm Sunday

Fellow Worshippers

As we journey towards the end of the Lenten period, we are grateful for having been provided with God’s strength and perseverance. Our journey together dealt with; Fasting; Original Sin, Doctrine of God, Grace, Salvation and concluding with the Christian Doctrine of the ‘Resurrection’.

Today, on Palm Sunday, we remember how Jesus had spent many months traveling through the towns and villages of Palestine. How He preached about the kingdom of God and healed the sick wherever He went. Now the time had come for him to claim His title as the Messiah – the Saviour that God had promised to the Jewish people. As He entered Jerusalem with his disciples, Jesus was greeted by the crowds with palm branches and shouted thanks for the great things he had done saying;“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest heaven!”.

As they came near Jerusalem, Jesus told two of His disciples to go into a nearby village and bring a donkey that would be waiting there. He rode into Jerusalem on the donkey. Crowds of people spread their coats and palm leaves on the ground to welcome Him. Only a king would be greeted this way (2 Kings 9:13), and the people wanted Jesus to be their king. This day we acknowledge and honour Jesus Christ as both King and Messiah (Zachariah 9:9).

We are now to begin the Holy Week in preparation for celebration around the Easter weekend. I invite you to a time of self-reflection, meditation and prayer as we remember how our Lord Jesus suffered on the cross. I promise to continue to pray for you and your families, seeking God’s divine intervention in everyone’s situation.

Have a Spirit-filled Holy Week

Shalom Moagi