Palm Sunday

Prayer of Confession for Palm Sunday
A 21st Century Worship Resource

Invitation to Confession
Let us come together to a moment of confession. Imagine Jesus entering our presence just as he entered Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago. Envision the palm branches, the donkey, the shouts of “hosanna.” Understanding who He is and knowing who we are…

Prayer of Confession
O God, you know us well. We are quick to speak of faith, but slow to live it fully. We shout “hosanna” as Jesus approaches, as did the people of Jerusalem many years ago; but we do not want him to come too close — not close enough to really see…
O God, you know us well. We are quick to claim faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior; but, like the throng who greeted his entry into Jerusalem, we are fickle, slow to live fully and everywhere as faithful disciples. We know where we failed.
O God, you know us well. We are quick to want the blessings of faithfulness; but, like the Twelve who spent the last week with him, we are slow to accept the pain and suffering of authentic Christ-like living. Forgive our weakness and fear…

Words of Assurance
The Lord is God. The Lord brings light to those in darkness, forgiveness to those who truly confess, and pardon to all who seek to follow Jesus. Rejoice that the steadfast love of the Lord endures forever and ever. In the name of Jesus the Christ, receive the love that never dies and never fails.



Reflection by
Rev. Dr. Steven Plymale