Our pledge towards our Father in Heaven and our faith in our Lord Jesus

The writer of Psalm 16 is SO SURE of his faith in God!

  • He sees the truth! “Apart from you I have no good thing!”
  • He expresses the realization that he now knows for sure that he is on The Path of Life! “You fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”
  • He expresses confidence! “I have set the Lord before me; I will not be shaken. You, Lord God, will not abandon me to the grave.”

Hannah so desperately wanted to have a child that she pledged her firstborn to be a servant in the Lord’s Temple. God honoured her request. In her faithfulness she consecrated her son Samuel, to be a servant at the Temple. We see in Hannah someone with great faith in God and who is “sacrificing” her son for God’s purposes.

In the letter to the Hebrews (Chapter 10), we are reminded why the priest in the Temple of God, offered sacrifices for the people. The writer goes on to remind us of the One who is a Priest forever. He refers to Jesus!

Jesus was also a dedicated Servant in the “Temple of God”. God, our Father in Heaven, sent His only begotten Son to serve as a High Priest and ALSO as a final and ultimate sacrifice because He truly wanted all mankind to be reconciled to Himself. Jesus showed absolutely pure and faithful servanthood, His righteousness and His blemish-free presentation to God the Father as a Sacrifice, was THE ultimate sacrifice. All sacrifices which had been offered in all the years past had not taken away the sin of mankind. Jesus’ offering of Himself DID take away the sins of the world. In the world today:

  • There are those who do not understand this fact.
  • There are those who simply do not believe this fact.
  • There are those who have heard about this fact and who simply do not care.

We are encouraged to hold unswervingly to the hope which we possess. Can we be so sure of the promises of God that we will glorify Him in everything that we do? Will we continue to try to be a servant as Jesus was, to tell of the nearness of the Kingdom of God, to others?

Let us through faith encourage others to show love for one another. Meet regularly for mutual support to strengthen one-another’s faith. Jesus is our High Priest forever, because He is the One who intercedes for us. The curtain in the temple was torn in two when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus is likened to that curtain which separated people from the Holy of Holies. Since Jesus’ body was torn apart, all who believe may now enter the Holy of Holies. Be alert to the fact that there are false prophets, deceivers and circumstances which may test our faith. Hold on to your faith!

Remain blessed in the name of Jesus.

Brian Clark.