Open Doors

In his book “All places to go” John Ortberg tells a story of Viktor Franklin, who was a brilliant Doctor whom the Nazi imprisoned in a concentration camp. They took all his livelihood, confiscated his possessions, mocked his dignity and killed his family. They locked him in a cell with no way out. A room without an open door is prison.


However Franklin discovered that doors are not just physical. A door is a choice. He found that when his circumstances had closed every outer door to him, they revealed to him the doors that matter far more. The doors through which a Soul can leave fear and enter into courage, leave hatred and enter forgiveness, leave ignorance and enter into learning.


Open door is an opportunity provided by God, to act with God and for God. On the other hand closed door thinking is that of David’s brother saying Goliath can’t be fought, Israelites telling Joshua and Caleb that their enemies are like Giants and Israelites are like grasshoppers. Closed door thinking looks safe, but it’s dangerous because it leaves God on the other side of the door.


My prayer is that we abandon closed door thinking and embrace open door thinking. Let us be open door people who persist and resist, who learn about themselves, who are blessed to bless and who are not paralyzed by their imperfection.


May God open every door of opportunity in your life?


Rev. P. Mosia