Nothing but the blood of Jesus

There is an old hymn that has the lyrics:

What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

The blood of Christ holds tremendous power today, it is the blood that heals, that cleanses and makes new. This within itself may sounds strange but the idea that Christ’s blood brings life comes from the Israeli understanding of the sacredness of blood.

The Israelites understood blood to be the essence of life, the thing that allowed for life to take place. Their understanding of blood was that it was sacred. This extended into cleansing rituals that the priests would undertake as well as the sacrifice of Atonement, amongst others. The blood of a lamb was seen to have cleansing values for both the removal of sins and making something holy.
Christ took the place of the lamb forever and His blood became the blood that cleanses above all else, it is for this reason we partake in communion. Through His blood he has offered the sacrifice to cleanse our sins as well as the sacred and full life that can only be found in Him.

There is power in the blood of Christ, today and always.
God bless Devan