Noah’s Goodness

The Bible reports that nine generations have passed since God created Adam and Eve. Mankind has grown so evil that God is determined to destroy the human race (Gen 6:13) But in the midst of rampant sin, violence, and corruption, God notices an exception in the life of one man: “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (6:8).

In the life story of Noah, we come face to face with the moral character God was looking for thousands of years ago: Noah was a righteous and a just man” (6:9), and he was obedient in all that God asked of him.

God’s retribution was swift when it came in the form of a catastrophic flood in order to start life over again. The wicked died, whilst Noah, God’s servant and a recipient of grace, sailed through to the new creation and worshipped God. Everything outside the ark died in the flood. After 377 days of rain and flood, Noah and his family and all the animals came out and trod on the dry land. Noah made a sacrifice to God which was a pleasing aroma to him. God promised never to curse the ground in this way again.

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