New Year Expectations

As we head into another new year filled with uncertainties and some of the same challenges we faced in 2018, we need to ask ourselves, ‘What am I going to do differently in 2019?’ As Christians we need not make the common mistake of planning our ‘New Year Resolutions ‘. Many people embark on these so called New Year Resolutions only to fail dismally by not keeping them. This leads to disappointment, stress and feelings of failure.

We already have a plan, a plan worked out by our Lord for each of our lives. All we need to do is accept His plan for our lives in 2019. We have our faith in a God who is all encompassing, a God who is exalted above all else, a supreme God all powerful. We have a God who is dignified, a God who prospers His people, who cares for us. We have a God who will not let us down and who will be with us every step along 2019’s journey.

You may be sitting there this morning wondering so what is God’s plan for my life? When we turn to the Word of God, when we turn to our Lord Jesus for the answer, only then will we GET IT..!

Reading in Colossians we see Paul unpack a plan for our lives for 2019. Firstly we see that we are already chosen by God to be purified and made holy through His great love for each of us. Then Paul tells us to have compassionate hearts, to have pity and mercy for each other, to be gentle, humble, offering kindness and patience to the world around us. We will be filled with endurance to face any challenges that come our way in the New Year. We will be asked to forgive one another just as He has forgiven each of us. We must love each other striving for perfection in all we do in 2019.

So we have our plan for the coming year. We are commanded to go about this plan by allowing the peace of Christ into our hearts. We are to allow God’s word to take home in our hearts and in everything we say and do we do in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Much love and may your new year be blessed.