Fellowship Groups and Outreach Ministries

Fellowship Groups

Mary van der Walt - Wilgeheuwel - Thursday
Our group has just finished the 4week series on “Breathing room” by Andy Stanley. Wow what an awesome series. Referees to our cluttered life, finances etc, a highly recommend series. Gave us lots to think about.
We have just started a new series, also by Andy Stanley: You’ve got style. Allowing us to look at different styles of drawing into the presence of God, we are sometimes so quick to judge. Andy teaches us that there is one way to Jesus. But different styles. Questionnaire allows us to find our style that’s fits us best in following Jesus.
Anyone wanting to follow this series with us please come, you are welcome. Session 2 on Thursday 2July 2015 @ 7.

We have been together now for two years. We get together every Thursday evening @ 7. We share our love for the Lord as we grow together in Christ. We have a light supper as most of our group come straight from work. Our teachings are normally from DVD series. We watch a variety of presenters as to fulfill everyone’s taste. Normally after a series we get together for a social lunch. This always has a “twist” and we have lots of fun.

Our group age varies from single to pensioners (all young at heart) occasionally we have a visit from a little one, space is limited to accommodate small children. We are Afrikaans and English but all teachings are done in English.

Leader: Mary van der Walt 081 532 4949

Chris Anderson - Randpark Ridge - Thursday

An adult group of 12 persons meet at on Thursdays evenings at 18h30. The meeting is an enjoyable social time, sharing news and praying for one another. A period of worship and prayer is followed by lessons on topics that have varied from Biblical lessons to the Christian way of life. At present we are understanding more about the overview of the Bible as we follow a series on DVD.

Mike and Marchelle du Toit - Allensnek - Tuesday

We have finished the first 3 subjects in our JESUS LIFESTYLE series and they were really fantastically challenging and rewarding:

  • How to live & act with integrity
  • How to respond to difficult people
  • How to handle conflict

On Tuesday 19th, we tackle the 4th subject – How to become a generous giver!

This promises to be as challenging as the previous 3 sessions and we are looking forward to these discussions…

Just a reminder that we are a group of 30 somethings to 60 somethings and we meet at 19H00 on Tuesday evenings. If you would like to join us, we have room for a few more members…please call Marchelle on 082 318 7152 or Mike on 082 851 1634.

Lorraine Bovey & Janet Fourie - At the Church - Every Tuesday
We will add more info about our fellowship group soon.
Devan Fleetwood - Welties Area - Thursday Evenings
 We will add more info about our fellowship group soon.
Wayne and Shone White - Area - Tuesday
 We will add more info about our fellowship group soon.
Terrence and Shireen Brocco - Area - Thursday
We will add more info about our fellowship group soon.
Brian Clark - At The Church - Monday Morning

The “Welties Monday Fellowship” meets 10h00 on Mondays at the Church. Anyone may attend and will be most welcome! Please tell your friends!

The Present Theme is “Understanding the Bible”.  Contact Brian 0832588481

Young Adults - Devan Fleetwood - Friday Evenings at different venues

Our Youth ministry is targeted at teenagers who are journeying through High School and everything that comes with that turbulent period. We have a look at relevant topics surrounding teenagers, faith and high school life and enjoy good laughs and fun with each other through games and fun activities. The space offered allows for teenagers to grow together and gain relationships with other teenagers around them through learning about Jesus Christ.

We meet on Friday evenings every week from 18:30-21:00, during the school terms, at Weltevreden Methodist Church. We also meet on Sunday mornings at 09:00 for Teen Church.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to get hold of me on the number in the contact list”.

Other Groups

Young at Hearts - Leanne Beangstrom
If you are closer to the seven score years… Come and join us at Young at Hearts for friendship, Fellowship, Bingo and a cup of tea and eats.

We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month in the church hall from 10 am – 12 pm. We would love to meet you, so come along!!

Women's Ministry - Jenny Matthee
The ladies meet on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 09h30 and have tea and fellowship. They divide into groups and each group has a turn to host a meeting. Guest speakers are invited to each meeting and Outreach visits are also arranged from time to time. They raise money by having a Knit-a-Thon and jumble sales. They also do the catering for funerals.

New members are always welcome!!

Methodists Women’s Prayer and Service Union, aka Women’s Manyano - Mandisa Mabaso

The Women’s Manyano stands for holiness of life, purity of speech, temperance and service to the glory of God and for the extension of God’s Kingdom

The aims of Manyano are:

  • To build up and manifest spiritual life, and in particular to foster diligence in private prayer and in reading and studying the Bible
  • To be faithful in attending the means of grace, including the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the class meeting, the services of the MCSA, family prayer and reading of the Bible in the home
  • To guide the life of the home in accordance with Christian principles and example, with special reference to training children for the service of God in purity of thought, word and deed, and in respect of elders
  • To seek the conversation of our people to believe in God and seek to be used by God for the building up of the Church of Christ
  • To encourage a missionary spirit among our people and to raise funds for Mission Work and for other authorised local Circuit, District and Connexional MCSA and Community needs

What we do

We fellowship every Saturday afternoon at 15h00, at Welties Methodist church, where we delve in and share the Word, testimonies and pray for one another, Families, Community and our Nation.

Over and above this we are involved in various outreach activities within the Church structures and in the Communities around us.

In line with our purpose and aims, we constantly pray for and are on the lookout for areas/organisations/individuals who may be in need, and by the Grace of God we respond accordingly.

Chairperson:  Mrs Mandisa Mabaso

Young Adults Devan Fleetwood - & Kate-Lyn Anderssen - Wednesday Evenings at the the Church

A space for Young Adults between the ages of 18 and 30 to engage with like-minded people, with similar experiences in life. We operate as both a social group and space for Spiritual Growth for Varsity students, people with jobs, looking for jobs, just out of High School, you name it.

Feel free to join us on Wednesday at 7pm as we support each other by creating a safe, yet fun environment to chat, laugh and grow together.

Feel free to contact Devan or Kate-Lyn for more information, their details are on the ‘contact us’ page.

Outreach Ministries

Africa Food For Thought - Janet Fourie
Africa Food for Thought is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, which is essentially focused on equipping and supplying school feeding programmes. We are also involved in a number of community projects, self-help/empowerment projects and shelters and half-way houses. Our aim is to help those who need it the most: the vulnerable and marginalized.  Our vision is “to feed people in the name of Christ, in order to bring hope to the hopeless”.
Soup Kitchen - Sue Gelling and Jenny Matthee

Soup Kitchen is an outreach which is run from the church on Mondays and Fridays from 7.30 – 9.00am

The congregation donate ready-made soup and /or ingredients for making soup. The donations are brought to church in two litre ice cream containers and put in freezers in the blue hall. We serve between 40 -60 gentlemen at a time and they each get a cup of soup, a peanut butter sandwich and a recycled cool drink bottle filled with water.

The church gives us money to buy 40 loaves of bread for each session as well as to buy peanut butter and marge. We mix the peanut butter and marge before the time as it’s easier to spread and saves time on the day.

During the year the gentlemen get blankets and any clothes that are donations and at Christmas time they get a Christmas bucket!.

Tithing Committee
More details about this outreach to be added soon

Special Ministry Groups

Spiritual and Teaching Ministries:

Friday Prayer Group @ The Church - Janet Fourie


Deliverance Team - Christo Strydom
More details to be added soon
Orientation - Loraine Bovey
More details to be added soon
Baptism - Rev Sva Waqu
More details to be added soon

Pastoral Care

Counseling - Sally France
More details to be added soon
Cradle Roll - Kate-Lyn Andersen

One would need to attend a Saturday morning seminar before having your child baptised. Charmaine (Church secretary) can be contacted or the church notice informs when the next Baptism seminar is.

Baptisms usually take place every month, the 2nd last Sunday in the month. 38 families are at present on my list of children already baptised. They stay on the list for about 3 years.

We give a certificate and a candle/candle holder on the Sunday that they are baptised. I send a birthday card on the baptised child’s birthday and reminders about the date of the child’s baptism to re-light their candle and remember.

I send emails and sms’s for prayers, support and encouragement of parents and children and to keep in contact with them.

I try to have an annual party for the parents and children, at the church towards the end of the year, so they can get to know each other.

Notice Boards - Andy Fourie
More details to be added soon

Ministry Groups in Church

Worship Ministry

Worship Team

Worship Teams Coordinator: Michael Mileman

Worship Leaders:
Andy Fourie
Chris Anderson

Trust Properties

Colin Schott
More details to be added soon


Moira Scott
More details to be added soon

Flower Ministry

Elsabe Burger

The Flower ministry is responsible for placing flowers in the Church every week.  Church members can put their name down for a specific date, this could be a special date for a celebration, or in memory or just a random date of your choice (A special message can be put in the bulletin on request). The church member will then be responsible for buying and placing the flowers in the Church,  assistance is available from Elsabe Burger, with the flower arranging.  The roster is available in Church Foyer for you to put your name down, you will receive a reminder sms when it is your turn.

Garden of Remembrance

Please Volunteer

Our Local Preachers

Chris Anderson
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Lorraine Bovey
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Brian Clark
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Devan Fleetwood
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Janet Fourie
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Christo Strydom
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Laurette Visser
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Wayne White
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Robyn Strydom
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Paulo Fernandes
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