Lord my HOPE

Advent kicks off today, the 4th Sunday before Christmas. During this
season Christians observe in remembrance and in commemoration the
incarnation of Christ coming into the world and the 2nd coming.

We use, as symbols, 5 candles and each week we will light an additional
candle reminding us to direct and focus our commemoration on our
Christian ‘hope’, by gracious undeserving ‘love’, bringing us ‘joy’ and
eternal ‘peace’.

In Psalm 25:1-10 David declares God’s great mercy and love and his
trust in our Lord and his reliance on the guidance of God to direct his
choices and his ways.

The Prophet Jeremiah wrote (Jeremiah33:14-16) that Israel and Judah
will be saved in fulfillment of God’s promise by ‘The Lord our
Righteous Savior’.At the time the Roman Empire ruled and God’s
people looked forward to a savior to set them free from the oppression.

Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13 that we must encourage each other
to stand in faith and to increase in our love for each other, trusting in
God our Father for guidance to direct their lives and decisions.

In the Gospel of Luke, Luke (Luke 21:25-36) wrote that Nations will
faint and stand in anguish at the sight of the Son of Man returning on a
cloud, in his full power and glory. We should put our full trust in our
Lord and seek His guidance to direct our lives so that we can stand
blameless and holy in Christ in the presence of God the Father when
Christ return with His holy ones to collect the faithful to unite into
God’s eternal Kingdom.

Lots of blessings