Joseph’s Self Control


Joseph is one of the two sons of Rachel, Jacob’s best-loved wife. Because of this relationship, Jacob shows such obvious favouritism toward Joseph that his other brothers hate him. He was given the position of overseer rather than shepherd when he informed Jacob of some indictable offence his brothers had committed. Jacob marked the event by giving him a richly ornamented robe, probably made of many small different coloured pieces.

Out of hatred, the brothers sell Joseph to slave merchants and then tell their father he has died. From then on, life is hard for Joseph. The unjust situation in which Joseph finds himself doesn’t affect his positive work ethic. After he arrives in Egypt as a slave, he soon becomes the most trusted servant of his master, Potiphar, a high official in Pharaoh’s government. Potiphar puts Joseph in charge of his entire estate. Later, Potiphar’s wife become desirous of Joseph and repeatedly makes advances to him. Joseph resists the temptation, Potiphar’s wife falsely accuses Joseph of wrongdoing and Potiphar has Joseph put into prison. Joseph spends a long time in prison, but never loses faith in God because he knows God had a plan for him.

One of the prison officials finds out that Joseph can interpret dreams. Pharaoh calls on Joseph to interpret his own dreams. Joseph tells him that God will give him an answer of peace. Pharaoh is impressed and appoints Joseph as administrator. Joseph holds this high position but never forgets his Hebrew roots.

As a result of widespread famine God brought Joseph’s brothers down to Egypt seeking food. They met Joseph but couldn’t recognize him. Finally he revealed himself to his brothers, forgave them and invited his father and the entire family to settle in Egypt so that he could care and provide for them. God’s hand was upon Joseph.

Richest Blessings