Job’s Patience

Job’s name means ‘persecuted one.’ He came from the land of Uz which is probably northern Arabia. Job is a godly man, wealthy and influential and owns large herds of cattle. He is a loving husband and caring father of seven sons and three daughters. One day, within the span of few hours, his children and his wealth are taken away by traumatic disasters and cruel thieves.

He is also afflicted with painful boils from head to foot. Job is left with nothing but his faith in God, and questions as to why these calamities have befallen him. Friends come to grieve with him, but soon their comfort turns to accusations and debate. Job persists in his devotion to God; he continues to trust Him despite the challenges.

Job never learns why God permitted him to suffer. But he learns to accept his situation without questioning God’s wisdom and judgement.

God intervenes with his perspective and His rebuke of Job’s friends. The story ends with Job’s restoration to happiness and wealth. Job learned patience as he endured his suffering. He never gave up on God even when his wife wanted him to curse God and die. Be patient and stay close to God. He will see you through what may seem to be your darkest hour.

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