Jesus Is Transfigured: Can We Be Transfigured Too?

Jesus went to a quiet place to pray, up a mountain, to be away from the busyness of the world around him so that he could spend quality time with His Heavenly Father.

He took three disciples with him, but they were tired. While Jesus was praying the appearance of his face suddenly changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. The disciples suddenly noticed that Jesus was transfigured into dazzling white radiance! He was talking with Moses and Elijah who also appeared in glorious splendour!

We read in the book of Exodus that Moses ascended Mount Sinai to pray, to converse with God. After many days Moses returned with stone tablets and the commandments. We know too, that his face was SO RADIANT that people were afraid of him. Moses had to wear a veil until the radiant brightness on his face had faded.

Have you known anyone whose face has shone so brightly with radiant love and glorious beauty? Have you ever studied a young mother’s face as she looks at her first new-born baby? Our physical radiance of love can be enhanced through the depth of our spirituality, that is, through the depth of our relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Moses inaugurated the Old Covenant, the Law, with divine splendour, even though it was engraved upon stone and dispensed death. Must not even greater splendour rest upon the divine dispensation of the Spirit? If splendour accompanied the dispensation under which we are condemned, how much richer in splendour must that one be under which we are acquitted! The splendour that once was is now no splendour at all; it is outshone by splendour greater still! For if that which was soon to fade had its moment of splendour, how much greater is the splendour of the New Covenant, that which endures!

Have you turned to the Lord Jesus to let Him take the veil away from your face? You too can beam radiance to others with heartfelt knowledge that you ARE victorious in all things, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

Count your Blessings and give our God all praise!

Brian Clark.