Jesus is Risen

Jesus is Risen… what now?

Last week we commemorated the death of Christ and we
celebrated his resurrection. It was a time of reflection on what
Jesus did and what it means for us. This was a journey that
started more than a month ago as we went through Lent, the
Triumphant Entry, Holy Week, Crucifixion Friday, Remembrance
Saturday and finally Resurrection Sunday. Jesus is risen! He is
risen indeed!

What does that mean? If Jesus is alive, how does that affect
me? What now? I think these are not only questions we ask
ourselves, but they may have been questions Jesus’ disciples
asked themselves. Even after Jesus had risen the disciples were
still hiding and some of them doubted that Jesus was really
alive. It almost seemed as if the greatest event that ever
happened had such little effect on them. They had no direction
or courage, even with the risen Lord there; they were still the
same as before. What will happen now?

Jesus said in John 16:7 that when he leaves, he will send the
Holy Spirit that will testify about him. This is the good news of
the Gospel! Jesus’ death and resurrection did not only atone for
our sins, but it also made it possible for us to live in communion
with God. The resurrection was not the end of the story, but it
was the beginning! Great things were about to happen and the
disciples were about to embark on the greatest adventure of all
time. Pentecost is coming and with it The Holy Spirit.
With the Gift of the Holy Spirit we live with God. He is no longer
a distant God that looks down on us from heaven; He is with us,
all the time, everywhere we go. He empowers us, encourages us
and guides us. Without Easter, this would not be possible.
So we ask the question: “What Now?” not with doubt or
confusion, but with expectation to see what God is going to do!