How is Lent Season treating you thus far?

Fellow Worshippers

How is Lent Season treating you thus far? Are you still faithful in the things you covenanted with God? At the beginning of lent, Ash Wednesday, we spoke about giving up on things you always over-indulge in and to put them aside in order that those who are less privileged can benefit. So, have you shared any of your resources with the needy during this time? Or are you saving them for the time when Lent will be over and go back to your old ways? May I remind you that “Lent is not about counting the days BUT about making Lent count”. Remember this is not about us but rather about the One who created us, whose Majesty and Might is beyond human comprehension.

We are now on the 19th day since the beginning of Lent. Today we focus on ‘Jesus who draws us aside’ [Mark 7:31-37]. It is known that we are always busy to concentrate on the things that give life;

We wake up in the morning every day and it’s all about;

  • I have back 2 back morning meetings
  • Then working lunch with clients
  • Pick up kids from school to extra classes then sport at 4
  • Then presentation at 5pm
  • Drive home (which takes about +/- 1hr)
  • Cook & eat dinner
  • Help kids with school work
  • Help them bath and the day is OVER

Our daily routine doesn’t feature God anywhere, how about taking some time off in our busy life and retreat with Jesus – He is calling us aside to listen and be guided by the Holy Spirit.