How Great Is Our God?

Is this not the most special time of the year? When all is quiet and all is still and the beauty of the presence of God shines all around. It is a time of great sharing, so different from any other time on our calendar, a time where we stop and share love amongst each other. How great is our God who can even today amongst the great materialistic, self-centered and impersonal digital age, still bring the world to a quiet focus on the presence, the arrival of Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of the World.

No matter being a believer or not I believe God reminds us that it is love that drives the Creation. It is love that reminds us of God’s greatness and His ultimate control over our destiny and our daily lives. It is love through the presence of Jesus in our world.

Sadly so soon after the Christmas celebrations does the human race revert back to its godless existence? We forget the Godchild. We forget to love and forgive and help each other. We are too soon trapped on that treadmill called work, just existing…!

Fleetingly at Christmas time do we get a true glimpse of what the meaning of whom and what God is? Love, gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, power and eternal, everlasting, a God of greatness, foretold by the Prophets and by John the Baptist. In our Scripture reading from the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus wanted to remind his faithful servant John the Baptist of God’s greatness through Jesus’s miracles of healing and restoration. At this Christmas time I know God wants us to remember His greatness through the arrival of His Son Jesus.

For many this time of the year is insignificant in the greater scheme of God’s plan. Jesus’s coming is a story possibly read or heard with no meaning…but we know it is the most and the eternal event in all of human history.

One thing we are guaranteed of is that in our humanness, our God remains great. For He has the power to change the world, He has the power to heal; He has the power to come to live amongst us and bring love, meaning, purpose and a beauty into our lives.

We must thank God for this, every day!

May your Christmas be so blessed that the whole of 2017 remains bright as Christ shines His love on you throughout the joy, and the sadness that 2017 will bring. Our God is GREAT…. Let’s approach 2017 with the greatness He deserves, as we follow Him.

I love you all lots in the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. It has been a blessing to serve with you all.