He is Risen

People of God

Today, with many Christians around the world, we stand together with resounding voices to say; He is Risen. The promise of the Old Testament by many prophets has now come to fruition. We were once ruled and controlled by sin and now we can stand boldly as we remind ourselves that “no one took the life of Jesus Christ, but He gave it as a ransom for me and you. The tearing of the curtain in the temple which was presumably caused by a local earthquake, had a symbolic importance for the Gospel writers, that curtain separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple. Its tearing signaled the opening of the way to God through Jesus, and the rejection of the old system of priests and sacrifices that had dominated the temple and its activities. We are now free to access Jesus, no more barriers nor sacrifices for us to receive forgiveness and salvation. Jesus has paid off the DEBT. We can freely enjoy being called Sons and Daughters of the resurrected Christ. So, go forward as people of the resurrection, renewed in Christ for the building of His Kingdom.

I wish you and yours a blessed and spirit-filled Easter Sunday.

Shalom Rev Moagi