Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a day set apart when we recognize what our mothers do for us on an ongoing basis and show our appreciation for them. In John’s Gospel reading for today Jesus says that those who have seen Him have seen the Father because He is in the Father and the Father is in Him (John 14:9-10).The relationship between Jesus and the Father is one of love and intimacy. None of us can love perfectly like God, yet we are all called to a higher life, a life which reflects God’s love and so we are called to reflect the relationship between God the Father and Jesus in all our earthly relationships.

I know that Mother’s day (and Father’s day) are days where we show appreciation, but I think Jesus may also be asking parents to reflect on what sort of parents we are. Are we the parents who instill values and love and intimacy in our children or are we being selfish in our relationships? Do we focus on what we as parents get from our children? How would we feel if people saw us in our children? I’m sure if you are like me there may be a character trait or two that you have that you do not want your children to have.

May this Mother’s Day be a day where our relationships are honored, both in the way we give and in the way we receive. If you do not have a mother or if you do not have children, find someone you can show the Fathers love to this day.

May others know that Jesus lives through our loving intimate relationships!

Be blessed