Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Today is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Today is Sunday, the anticipated day of the Victory of Christ. As we journeyed through lent toward the cross we lived in the shadow of the cross, reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice and what our journey looks like.

Lent was a period of fasting, denying ourselves, picking up our cross and following Jesus. Yet, unlike the first disciples, our journey is in light of the Resurrection. As we die to self we are always aware of the Resurrection. We know that God calls life out of death, we know on Friday that Sunday is coming. Not so for the first disciples, they had no idea that there would be a resurrection. There may have been speculation and some hope, but they had not experienced the Resurrection of Jesus, not until that morning of the first day of the week when the announcement went out

“He is risen”!

Maybe like Mary you are looking for Jesus in a tomb, this morning I want to remind you that He is not in the tomb, He is risen. No matter what in your life has had to die, no matter how painful the journey, no matter the depth of your mourning there is new life, there is hope, there is resurrection. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we to are raised from the dead, sometimes resurrection occurs in our lives in small things, sometimes in big things, but always there is the ultimate resurrection for each and everyone of us as we put our hope in Christ.

Today celebrate the small and big resurrections, but above all else celebrate your ultimate resurrection which will happen because Jesus is Risen.

Be blessed as you celebrate God’s transformation of death into life.