Friends allow me to introduce to you our new theme for the new quarter that we are approaching. Our theme is “Growing Together.” We have seen God making new things in our community and maybe even in our lives. New things come with new life which challenges us to grow in knowing and loving God deeply.

We all know that healthy growth is fruit. As we continue to grow in our spiritual lives, so the Holy Spirit produces fruit in us that evidence our relationship with God, giving us identity as His son or daughter and making us who we are. We step deeper into the Spirit’s flow by letting God take more control of us in our attitudes and attributes.

We believe that the Bible and its great doctrines teach the truth and principles people need in order to grow. That is why we would like to invite you into this exciting time in the life of our church.

The teachings and retreats are as follows:

Walk through the Bible  07 June – December  6pm service
Too Busy Not To Pray  09 June – 25th June  Tuesday @9:30am (Women’s Fellowship)
Retreat  04 July  8:30am – 11:30am
Sermon Series based on the fruit of the Spirit 05 July – 30th Aug  7:15am and 9:00am services
COURSES coming soon

Often we concentrate on the books of the New Testament, but Old Testament is full of lively and very human characters, who struggle with the same issues we face today. Learning more about them helps us to realize that the great men and women of Scripture are very similar to ourselves. Although Holy Spirit came in force at the time of Pentecost, these scriptures shows us he was present from the beginning of time and He inspired God’s children with His fruit as required. As we look at each fruit the Spirit grows in us, we investigate a man or a woman whose life exhibits that fruit, like Joseph, Elisha, Hannah, Ruth and many more.

We pray that as your journey through these teachings, you will begin to identify evidence of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life that reveals you are growing in your spiritual life and that you may rejoice in that deepening relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.