Greetings Welties!

Greetings Welties!

Today we reflect together on one of the disturbing stories in scripture. We reflect on the story of Hagar, a victim of horrible circumstances and the first single parent mentioned in the Bible. Her story is filled with pain, isolation, jealousy, and betrayal but on the other side of the coin, this story is characterized by hope, healing and affirmation.

Hagar’s story is not far off from the realities of many women in South Africa. Women are often the victims of horrible circumstances whether it is caused by other women, men or culture…Hagar is everywhere. Today, we unpack some of the dynamics of her reality as we connect her ordeal with some of the gruesome things that women go through in our day and age.

Allow yourself to be transported into the ancient world of scripture and brought back to our present reality as we juxtaposition these worlds and seek healing for ourselves, sisters and mothers who are the Hagar’s of our present day.

May the Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us as we worship, learn and grow together.


Rev Pumla Mtshiselwa