Good day all!

Luke 24 reminds us that the greatest thrill for the Christian is the knowledge of God, that is to say communion with Him, specifically revealed in the Scriptures. When we understand the truth about God and when we taste Him, to use David’s word, and thoughts about God and affections for Him begin to take hold of our hearts and consume us, there is a resulting pleasure of the soul that is unlike any other pleasure we know. The heart of the Christian beats for God and it affects everything else.

The story from Luke 24 is a stirring one that tells us the reaction of two of Jesus’ disciples as they understood, for the very first time and in ways they never comprehended before, the Scriptures which described Christ. Their reaction was joy and the thrill of understanding and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the truth. Their description was to say that their hearts ‘burned’ for the things Jesus taught them. Oh the delight for those who love God with all their heart and all their soul! It causes a man like Peter to rejoice after being beaten, that he was deemed worthy to suffer for the name of Christ.

It causes a man like Paul to sing in the middle of the night, in jail, in stocks, after he had been beaten with rods. Of all the delights of life, there is no delight as satisfying, as thrilling to the soul, as the delight which results from setting our affection on our God and from communion with Him in prayer and in the study of His Word. Jesus did something we could never, in our wildest imagination, do. Walk out of the grave, triumphant over death. By the power of the omnipotent God, He burst out of the grave. When we truly encounter the risen Jesus, we are never the same. Our darkness becomes light, our death becomes life, and we are never the same. For those who trust in Him, Christ gives life. May our hearts burn for Him and for His teaching. The resurrection of Jesus demands that Christianity not be a

Sunday ritual. The resurrection of Jesus demands that Christianity be a fire in our soul.