God Is Our Provider

Hi Folk

God is our provider. We confess this with our lips but often times when things are difficult we tend to forget about God’s provision in our lives
and we scurry around trying to make a plan to meet our own needs. Sometimes we look back and long for days past where life was easier or we long for days ahead where we believe life will be better. Yet in all these things we end up missing the beauty of encountering God in
the here and now and experiencing the blessing of God’s presence with us and His care and provision in our difficult circumstances

We see this played out with the Israelites when they thought that they would starve and longed to be back in Egypt. Yet in spite of their grumblings God provided manna on a daily basis for them (Ex 16:2-15). When I look at my own life I must remember God’s wonderful
works (Psalm 105:6). This helps me put my trust in God for what I need today. I encourage you to trust God’s provision in your life, but do not try to dictate to God what He must give and when He must give, God is a generous God and gives to each of us whatever He knows is best for

Sometimes it may look like God is giving more to others than to you or you might think you deserve more form God than what He is giving you. Jesus says that we must not tell God what He must do with what belongs to Him nor must we begrudge God’s generosity (Matthew 20:15). As difficult as this may be at times I want to encourage you to submit to God’s sovereignty in your life, experience His grace, mercy, presence and provision for you, now and here!

Be blessed as you encounter God’s provision and presence in your daily life.