God is Calling You in a Certain Direction

Hi Folk

Have you ever felt that God is calling you in a certain direction? Maybe it has to do with doing a ministry of some sorts, or something to do with your work or family. If you are anything like me then I’m sure when you have heard God call; felt that nudge deep in your spirit to move, or to do something, then I’m sure you have tried to negotiate with God. Words like “well God if you really want me to do this then you need to make a way or give me a sign”. We then tend to sit back and wait for God to move and if nothing happens, if nothing changes, then we rest assured that God obviously wasn’t asking us to do what we thought He asked us to do.

If the Israelites had had the same attitude as me then they’d still be sitting on the banks of the Jordan River waiting for God to make a way for them to cross over into the Promised Land. We see in today’s lectionary reading that God said to Joshua that the priests must carry the Ark and they must go and stand in the river (Jos 3:8). So that’s exactly what they did, and as soon as the priests feet touched the water’s edge the water upstream stopped flowing and the people passed through on dry ground (3:15-17). If they had waited for God to part the river before they would start crossing they would have had a long wait. God expected them to walk into the river before it dried up.

So maybe there is a Jordan River in your life that you need to cross. Maybe deep within your spirit you know this is where God has called you to and you are waiting for God to make a way, to part that river. May I encourage you to take those steps in the right direction? Start walking towards that river and when you get there don’t stop. Keep moving forward because it is as we take each step forward in obedience to God’s call on our lives that He opens up the path for the next step.

Blessings and Love