God at work in our lives

Calvary greetings

In studying scriptures and observing God at work in our lives, I have noticed a number of common tests that the Lord puts people through. And while each of us feels utterly unique, all of our human weaknesses are remarkably similar. God wants to establish certain qualities in all of us and tends to use certain sorts of tests to establish those qualities.

The Test of rejection
Have you ever noticed how often God’s servants were rejected by the very people they came to serve? Joseph was rejected by his brothers, even Jesus “came to his own home and his own people received him not”(John 1:11)

The Test of isolation
Who or what must you have to get through the day? Familiar surroundings? Friends or family? Or is it enough for you to have God and God alone. So often God creates circumstances of isolation and loneliness to wean us from our earthly support systems.

The Test of Loss of Rights
We claim a right to privacy, a right to self-determination and a right to happiness. Often God infringes on our rights. However it is unwise for us to approach God and demand what we believe is rightfully ours. Jesus did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking on the form of servant. As we pass these tests, we must forgive those who reject us, so that we grow in our trust in God.

Soli de Gloria
Rev. P. Mosia