Fourth Sunday of Easter


This fourth Sunday of Easter has been called by many “A

Good Shepherd Sunday. Based on the narrative from John 10

that reminds us about how Jesus as the captain of our souls

demonstrate what it means to be a servant. Jesus calls

Himself a Good Shepherd. He didn’t call Himself Mayor Jesus,

he didn’t call Himself King Jesus or Commissioner Jesus, but

He called Himself a shepherd – a servant, a caretaker, a


Metaphorically speaking more often than not we are like the

sheep that needs a Good Shepherd. We are His people and

the sheep of His pasture and therefore we depend on God

for everything. The only way a shepherd can know his sheep,

is by being among them and so is Jesus.

Jesus brings a model of servant hood leadership and the

Lessons from Jesus To be servant leader that uses power

honestly To be servant leaders that inspire others to service

To be servant leaders that start where people are

But one critical question is who is your Shepherd?

I encourage you to choose Christ as your shepherd, simply

because He cares for His sheep no matter what.

Jesus is the Good shepherd who protects and sustains the life of the


Remember when you choose Christ, you choose life