Forty Days in The Wilderness

Hi Everyone,

This last Wednesday marked the beginning of our Lenten journey for 2018. Lent is not merely a time to give up your favourite snack or drink for forty days but a time of denying yourself of something you would find difficult to not have or do for forty days. This is so that you can replace it with spending time with God outside of what you would normally. On Wednesday, Rev. Moagi mentioned that Lent is a time in which we should draw closer to God and deepen our intimacy with Him.

We looked at Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness and how He fasted for those days and again we look at that today. Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert because Satan knew that Jesus would come out of His fast having relied fully on God for those forty days. Rev. Moagi mentioned that Satan is going to try and tempt up during this Lent period because he knows that, when we reach Easter, we are going to be stronger in our faith and closer to God, just as Jesus was. It will be tough to hold out but that is where we need to turn to God and rely on Him to hold us up in our journey.

What have you decided to fast for Lent? Will it take you deeper in your relationship with God? Will what you are fasting create a space where you need to rely on God to make it through these forty days? And finally have you asked God what he wants you to fast?

God Bless