Following Jesus

Calvary greetings

Two months ago while I was in search to buy flowers for my wife. I got an interesting data about sunflowers.

Sunflowers are beautiful flowers that start off as tiny sprouts. The reason sunflowers are called sunflowers is because they follow the sun. The sun rises in the east, the sunflower will point east, when the sun sets to the west, the flowers will point west. These flowers throw off a lot of seeds.

They are productive because they are always looking for the sun. They always locate the sun, and because they always are looking for the sun, they are always growing.

I have come to realize that when you and I look for the Son “Jesus Christ” like the sunflower looks for the sun , then we will find the effects of His rays. Softening our hearts so we can throw off new seed, new life. It is our response to the Word that determines our productivity.

Following Jesus and abiding in our relationship with the Son will result in the transformation and growth that we as Christians are looking for. Keep on following Jesus and grow.

Rev. Peter Mosia