Exam Prayer

As the final matric examination have started, pressure can seem  overwhelming. This is brought by the fact that the learner’s future  college or university place depends on the final results. So, I  would like to encourage every learner to be calm and always rest  so as to have a sober mind in facing the examination.

I would also urge all parents not to put unnecessary pressure on  their children but work together for better results. I therefore offer  all learners the following EXAM PRAYER….

Come still my heart, O Lord
Calm my nerves and focus my mind.
Lord, I open my intellect up to you now.
May it channel all
I have learnt into this exam.
May I have the faith to believe I can pass this test,
Yet the peace to know that all is well.
Thank you that you are with me no matter what the result,
Thank you that your friendship is eternal.
(a prayer for students taking an exam from www.lords-prayer-words.com)