Fellow Disciples of Christ

As you might be aware that, last week Sunday we started a series on giving/tithing. We spent time dealing focusing on the theme as recorded in the Old Testament. Our study was on how God’s people voluntarily gave gifts or their tithes before the time of Moses. We explained that, “giving”, according to the bible, falls into two categories, namely;


•   Voluntary giving  Required giving


We noted that “Voluntary’ giving was always from the heart. There was no command to give voluntarily. God’s people were told that if they honored God, He would honor them. They were told that if they were generous towards God, he would be generous towards them. Voluntary giving was always an expression of love and devotion to the Lord. Several passages of scripture were referenced;


•   Genesis 8:20

•   Genesis 12:7

•   Genesis 14:20


Today we depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we’ll be dealing with the second category, namely; “Required Giving”