Epiphany Day

Blessed Epiphany Day. Today is a Holy Day according to our Christian calendar. The word epiphany comes from the Greek work επιφανεια (epiphaneia) meaning manifestation or striking resemblance, to appear, display or reveal. This “reveal” refers to the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Saviour of people of all races and cultures who are then called to recognize the universal and unifying love of Jesus Christ for all people.

Epiphany is a season in which we will come to better know and understand Jesus in many different ways as we journey through His baptism and the story of His life as He, and we, move closer to the cross.

Are you aware of the magnitude of what has been revealed to you over this Christmas season? What does “Jesus, the Saviour of All” mean for you?

Close your ears and eyes to the noise of the world, the noise of people speaking as though they have this “religion” thing figured out and those who believe they know the heart and mind of God Almighty. Look to God and the gift of the Scriptures. While each of us may have a general understanding of the heart and mind of God, it is God alone who reveals God’s self to each of us, individually, in the recesses of our being. When we acknowledge and receive this revelation from God, nothing of what is said in this world will detract us from what we know to be true.

In Ephesians, the word mystery is mentioned several times. This comes from the Greek word μυστηριον (musterion) meaning the hidden purpose confided only to the initiated and not obvious to the understanding. What we come to know and understand about the mystery of the Christ-child is what is revealed directly to each of us.

I would encourage you to set aside some time, away from the busyness of the festive season, and allow Jesus to reveal His purpose and will for you and what is required of you this day and in the year that lies ahead.

May the God of mysteries continue to reveal Himself to you as you seek His will and purpose for your life.

God bless and keep you. May 2019 be filled with fresh and new revelation.

Shalom Gill