Elisha’s Peace

Elisha was a 9th century prophet. He was not fiery like Elijah but he was a people’s prophet. His name means God is salvation. We first hear of him when Elijah is commanded by God to anoint him as his successor. Elijah threw his cloak, a rough garment, over Elisha, thus passing on his authority. Elisha graciously recognized the call and accepted it. From this time on Elijah adopted Elisha as his son and for a few years Elisha was Elijah’s attendant until Elijah was taken up to heaven. Elisha was accepted as a leader and at his own request he received a

‘double portion’ of Elijah’s spirit

Elisha’s ministry seems to be similar to that of Samuel and peasants and kings alike turned to him for help. He has the gifts of knowledge and foresight and an ability to work miracles. Unlike Elijah, Elisha’s ministry seems to be more gentle and concerned with the wellbeing of people around him. He had a way of bringing peace where people had lost hope and that was seen in his ministry as he healed people. Elisha’s peace-filled life left a legacy which continued long after his death.